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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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ve the details for your weekend. 2015 is off to a cold start. ktvu's john sasaki is in walnut creek with how folks are fairing out thand what is flying off the shelves right now. john? >> reporter: you don't have to be on the ice it feel the chill today. here it never got above the mid- 50s which had people bundled up all day long. >> kids are playing in the park looking more dressed for the snow. >> a lot of jackets. >> layers. >> layers. >> shoes, gym, sweater, warm jacket and a hat. >> this man walking with his family bought a philadelphia phillies hat even though it is not his team. >> random hat in the store. the cold weather has people spocking to the -- flocking to the hardware stores. >> because it has been so cold.
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bone chilling. >> he was there to buy a space heater. despite the spare the air days, wood and logs are also hot sellers. >> our wood is in the garage. we will replace our stock. cvs stopped selling it. >> here is another popular product. the store owner sold 414 boxes of this bait last month. >> aunts like to come in when it is cold. traditional december, january, we sell a lot of ant bait. >> reporter: there will be one more day and night of icy temperatures. when this will look like this, like this morning. >> eralityer be skiing -- rather be skiing. >> that is a sentiment shared by many. signs say it is now 48 degrees here in walnut creek at 5:00
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p.m. the good news is, this cold snap is coming to an end. back to you. >> i can't tell you how many times my kids said ants. thank you. massive lines and long wait times. today undocumented immigrants applied for their first california driver's licenses. it is the first day they could apply. people started lining up at 3:00 a.m. this morning. ktvu's ann rubin is at one of the new processing centers in san jose with the impact of the law. >> 400 people had appointments and hundreds more showed up. the dmv had a year to prepare, still it was busy. >> reporter: he calls it a blessing and an honor. shows he passed the written exam. >> i feel like he reached a goal. unbelievable. now you can feel it and touch it.
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>> reporter: today is the first day undocumented immigrants can apply for driver's licenses in california and hundreds of people lined up in san jose. some showing up at 3:00 a.m. >> this will be very important for our family. >> we waited for a long time. >> the driver's driver's licenses could only be used for driving in california. [ speaking foreign language ] >> you always worry about being stopped by police. >> the dmv added 900 employees to deal with the high volume. >> we estimate a million and a half new applicants. >> reporter: organizations have been doing outreach for months trying to help people get ready. >> some folks don't know what to expect. we are spending time in the community to encourage folks to start studying, gathering documents. >> reporter: the added traffic
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meant long lines and not everyone supports the new measure. >> not fair. you should follow the laws. >> reporter: still this new california law means the world to this family. a chance to drive to work or to the park without fear. >> i am really proud. i know now he can go anywhere and feel free. >> reporter: the driver's licenses will look different from other california driver's licenses. written on them will be the words federal limits apply. >> groups are helping the people in need study, i heard stories of families and neighbors getting ready and having study sessions together. >> reporter: it sounds like that has been going on for months and will continue. we heard about more groups through january. >> thank you ann rubin. a land mark law involving how chickens are raised gone into effect in california.
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it means chickens will no longer have to live in cramped cages. ktvu's tom vacar tells us, it means the price of eggs is going up. >> reporter: if the owner of this egg farm wants to sell in california there has to be proof the hens are not jammed together. like this. he is the owner. san francisco's oldest egg distributor. >> the consumer wants a better quality product and a higher standard. >> in 2008, 60% of voters approved prop 2. a law requiring 70% more room so 10s can sit, lay and spread their -- hens can sit, lay, and spread their wings. ranchers in and out of california build larger cages, cut back on the number of birds or abandon the california market. >> this year unbelievable
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spike. supplies dipped and demand spiked. 80% higher. >> reporter: a dozen eggs have been $1.65. today $3 is not uncommon for regular eggs. more for organic. >> usually it is $3.50. today it was $4. knowing they have more room to move feel goods to me -- feels good to me. >> what your put in your body is important. if the chickens are eating anything and if they are, like, stewing in their own nest, that is not good. >> reporter: it is not just whole eggs, there is liquid eggs, whole or the egg whites or egg yokes, all have to conform to california law. >> if it is just a minimal amount more it is fine.
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>> the market will eventually settle. i am tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now on the other new laws that have taken effect. student athletes who suffer a head injury have to wait 7 days and need a doctor's notes to play again. and you can legally bring dogs with you to restaurant pat employees. they have to be -- patios, they have to be on a leash and under control. pg&e rates are going up 6%. the hike will cover safety improvements. the c.p.u.c. gave them permission for the increase in august. the first response from had united states to the cyber attack at sony. sanctions against members of the north korean government. president obama signed an
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executive order denying anyone to have access to the u.s. financial system. it also bars them from entering the united states. the white house press secretary says the response to the attack on sony will be proportional and added these are the first actions. after a week of searching crews recovered the bodies of 30 people from the air asia flight that crashed into the sea but they are still searching for the black boxes. more on how the weather is turning into a big set back for the search. >> reporter: the crew of a u.s. helicopter helping bring victims of the air asia plane trash to shore today. -- crash to shore today. the chopper assisting in the search and recovery effort. [ speaking foreign language ] >> we are thankful for the
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americans for flying them in. >> reporter: more are mains -- more remains are being identified. authorities giving the deceased to the families in emotional ceremonies. the search hampered by bad weather. rough seas and strong winds forcing crews to call off the search for the fuselage. batteries for the black boxes are expected to last for 30 days. [ speaking foreign language ] >> there is some aircraft debris. three parts of the air asia plane that that we will study. >> reporter: indonesians gathering to remember those on board the flight. hundreds holding a pray session. [ speaking foreign language ] >> we pray for all their good deeds. and that they be forgiven for all their sins. >> reporter: it is believed bad weather contributed to the crash but it is unknown what
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brought the plane down. fox news. we know the name of a woman killed in a dui crash new year's day. she died when the car she was in crashed into a pole. this happened about 3:20 a.m. the chp says the 20-year-old was the passenger in the car when it crashed. the driver also 20 years old is held on charges of felony dui and manslaughter. a man attacked on the streets with a hammer and gardening sheers. what we are learning about the assault police are investigating. >> she went into labor on a flight out of sfo. >> my water broke. i could tell. >> how mother and baby are doing after the surprise delivery. >> and you know that smoking and too much sun could increase your risk for cancer, what a study says is the biggest
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there were two massive pile ups up new hampshire today involving 35 cars. originally police feared 50-100 cars were involved. it happened on interstate 93 after fast moving snow squalls moved in. police say there were injuries but none were life threatening. senate majority leader harry reid is home from the hospital after breaking ribs and bones in his face. harry reid was injured while exercising at his home in nevada. a band broke, hit him in the face and knocked him over. harry reid is 75 years old. he stayed in the hospital over night but he will be back in washington, d.c. this weekend.
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smoking, drinking and exposure to the sun, some of the choices that could raise a person's risk of developing cancer. the report on new research that suggest the majority of risks is due to the luck of the draw. >> researchers say genetic mutations that crop up as stem cells divide are the major contributors to cancer over all. it was a math equation to come up with the theory. researchers analyzed papers, taking a look at the number of stem cells and the rate of division among 31 tissue types. then they compared the number of divisions in each tissue against a person's life time risk of developing cancer in that tissue. only one third of cancer risk
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can be blamed on hereditary or environmental factors which makes 2/3 from random mutations in dna. before you think you have a free pass, this information doesn't mean people should go wild with poor lifestyle choices. he hopes the findings will property more emphasis on detection of cancers. -- prompt more emphasis on detection of cancers. people should still remain vigilant of cutting back the behaviors. others say it is intriguing but have concerns it was weakened by the lack of data. fox news. a dispute with a company that runs the concessions at yosemite national park could
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lead to name changes. the current concession says it owns the names of properties. and the company is demanding $51 million if other company takes over the contract. they say it the names are part of the park but is open to changing the name. golden state warriors guard steph curry is out to an early lead in all star votes. yesterday he had 755,486 votes. second to lebron james 775,000. kobe bryant trailed with 695,000 votes. this season curry averages 23 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds per game. the game is scheduled for february 15 in new york city. all right. check this out a trip down a zip line turned into a rescue mission in las vegas this
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afternoon. a man got stuck on the zip line 80 feet up as hundreds watched below. the zip line sends riders down the street in the downtown las vegas entertainment district. firefighters were called into rescue the man and it took an hour before they could get him back to the ground. investigators are trying to figure out what caused him to get stuck. i have gone on a zip line before, that is fun but that would scare me to get stuck up there. let's welcome back our chief meteorologist bill martin. bill it has been freezing around here. >> what could go wrong with a zip line? what part could fail? [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> i had a great vacation. good to be back. it is been cold. no record cold yet. another cold one tonight. there is the moon and it is
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clear. when you see clear skies, a lot of times you will see the moon and clouds, it will keep us warmer. no clouds out there tonight. it will be a cold one. that is why the frost advisory in effect as we head into this evening. for the bay shoreline. that area there. i will increase the coverage. we will look at the freeze warning. which is a bigger deal. you can freeze your pipes. mine freeze. i will turn off the water. my stuff that runs my sprinkler system. livermore, concord or napa you will get a hard freeze in some of the areas. high pressure stays put. keeps us dry. check out the numbers. these are over night lows. these are like in santa rosa 31. forestville, 28. you will find 20s. those are the over night lows. you will see temperatures
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easily in the upper 20s. pleasanton, livermore and low 30s. it will be for more than an hour or two. some places that is considered a hard freeze. that is where you will have problems with pipes. you know this. this is the third night. tomorrow night will be cool. tomorrow night will be slightly warmer and then cool but not as cold. ridge of high pressure is here but the cool air has been lingering, will linger into saturday morning. a dry pattern, warmer pattern, temperatures by monday and tuesday perhaps in the mid-60s. warm up in store. there is the storm track. the long range models concerning me, some are going dry for a while. we have had such a good run of rain. you hate to stop it now. doing fine. above average rainfall. nice to see more. on sunday, dry pattern, sunday
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clouds. partly cloudy skies on sunday. that will warm us up. thursday next week, maybe a chance of showers. that is not a big deal. and then the dry pattern takes us into next weekend. 50s tomorrow. these are mid-and low 50s. some places today barely got out of the upper 40s. the five-day forecast with high clouds on sunday. clouds on wednesday and sprinkle on thursday. the weather looks like it is cooperating. more rain is on the way but not in the five-day forecast. enjoy the cool nights and make sure your plants and animals and things like that are taken care of. >> thank you. wild chase in the east bay, speeds of 100 miles per hour, police say the people inside were trying to ditch drugs out the window and why bono says he isn't sure he will ever be able to play the guitar again.
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>> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up a mountain lion found dead and chased away from its natural habitat, what may have forced him on to a freeway where it was killed. also a new potential health threat, the warning aboutisttures and clams --isttures and clams. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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this crash in oakland was the end of a wild chase. it started this morning when
5:24 pm
sheriff's deputies noticed a van's license plates belonged to a truck. the van took off going 100 miles per hour. police say the people in the car threw drugs out the window and some landed on the windshield of the patrol car. one person was arrested. he is held on a quarter million dollars bail. general motors is recalling more vehicles because of faulty ignition switches. gm dealers will replace the ignition lock. >> authorities have uncoveredcovered the data recorder from the ferry boat that caught fire sunday. today the ferry was towed to a port in ilate. 11 people -- italy.
5:25 pm
11 people were killed in the fire. authorities say it is too dangerous to search for additional victims because the fire is still smoldering on the car deck. 477 people were rescued. bono says it is not clear if he will be able to play the guitar again. he was in a bike accident in november. he broke his arm in six spots and fractured his eye socket and shoulder blame. he revealed his concern and said recovery has been more difficult than he thought. u2 is scheduled to play in san jose may 18 and 19 of this year. the san francisco bicycle coalition is hoping to make the streets more safe. in the past year 100 locations were identified as problem areas, including pots with pot holes and slippery surfaces. the bicycle coalition has
5:26 pm
10,000 members and many believe it has made a difference. >> it is great for me. san francisco, if you know where to ride is a great place to ride. bike lanes have been an improvement. >> in 2014 san francisco police reported 392 non-fatal collisions between vehicles and bike riders. down from 467 in 2013. three accidents were deadly. pay raise that led to a petition. >> and then they turn around and give themselves a big raise. >> it is unacceptable. >> why one supervisor say they deserve a 33% pay raise and what happens now. >> a random attack with a hammer and gardening sheers in a busy part of san francisco. now we learned learned the suspect had been warned to stay away from the area before. >> who she hired and why that
5:27 pm
has people saying she will try to win the white house.
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. complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. just yards away from san francisco's city hall a man is attacked and beaten with a
5:30 pm
hammer and gardening sheers. tonight san francisco police say they have made an arrest in the attack. one man attacked another but now ktvu's cristina rendon reports police are calling it a random act of violence. >> reporter: new year's night in san francisco saw brutal attack outside city hall. police say a transient in the area approached a man and started a fight. he hit the man on the head with a hammer. >> i think it is sad. unfortunate. especially since there were weapons used. >> reporter: the random act of violent left the victim in the hospital with possible brain injury along with cuts to an eye and ear. >> appears they have crossed with an intentional by the victim to talk to the person, the suspect went up to him and
5:31 pm
started talking and a fight ensued. >> reporter: he was ordered to stay away from the plaza before. the motive is unclear. >> i used to be a street person. with things like that you never know. >> reporter: the random act has this woman cautious about walking around. >> i don't want to have to worry about walking and someone coming up and attacking me. >> the victim is expected to be okay. he is in jail facing charges including two counts of assaults with a deadly weapon. cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. the city of richmond is heading into 2015 with the lowest homicide rate in 43 years. according to police there were 11 killings last year which is the lowest number since 1971. police say more community involvement as well as a police crack down on violent street gangs are some of the factors
5:32 pm
contributing to the decrease. carly fiorina appears to be eyeing a 2016 white house bid. speculation comes after carly fiorina hired a republican national committee spokes woman to join her committee. in 2010 she made an unsuccessful bid for the senate. more than a dozen candidates are laying the ground work for presidential bids. for the democrats hillary clinton is the early favorite. the report from washington, with two years to go, surprises are bound to happen. >> reporter: votes won't be cast till 2016. but on the second day of 2015 there is already buzz about who may run for president. on the republican side, anyone's guest with 12 names already in the myx. marco rubio to -- mix, marco
5:33 pm
rubio, jeb bush, governor chris christie. >> jeb bush is probably the most popular governor in the history of the state of florida. and that is saying a lot. >> reporter: jeb bush getting attention for his statement saying he is exploring a white house bid while cutting ties with board memberships perhaps in preparation for the scrutiny that comes with running. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ] >> reporter: will she or won't she on the democratic side with all eyes on frontrunner hillary clinton, be prepared for the unexpected with the possibility of a dark horse candidate. >> voters at this point are looking for change. they want something different. >> reporter: analysts expect the 2016 field begin filling up
5:34 pm
by spring but early organizing does not guarantee success. some former hopefuls got owork hiring staff -- to work hiring staff did not do well in the end. including john mccain. fox news. the governor of idaho is appealing the legalization of same-sex marriage in his state. the governor filed a petition to the u.s. supreme court appealing the legalization. the appeal used defining marriage is between a man and woman is better for children and each state should have the right to define major. same-sex marriage was legalized on october 15 after the court of appeals rejected the governor's argument. a flight forced to make an early landing when a woman goes into labor. how passengers jumped into help and the unexpected thing doctors found when they got to the hospital. >> new information about the
5:35 pm
night a man was found dead at a fraternity house at university of california at berkeley. what authorities say caused his death. >> jim harbaugh settling in to his new job in michigan, what he did today to welcome his new players. bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent life. bulldog: we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs
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helping dogs help people
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donna douglas who was known
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for her role in "the beverly hillbillies" has died. [ laughter ] >> why did you throw him? >> that rascal was fixin' to bite me. >> donna douglas played elly mae clampett. she also starred in the 1966 film franky and johnny. donna douglas' granddaughter said she died at her home in louisiana. she had been battling cancer. donna douglas was 81 years old. the coroner says a 20-year- old man found dead at a university of california at berkeley fraternity died from alcohol intoxication. the 20-year-old was a student at uc davis. police are investigating
5:39 pm
murder-suicide that killed four members of one family on new year's day. what may have led up to the killing. >> reporter: they say they are shocked but not surprised to learn their neighbor shot three members of his family thursday night before taking his life. >> he has a lot of firearms. him and his wife have been having problems for years. he has his two children with him. that is a lot of pressure. >> reporter: a lot of pressure after he retired from his job as a school teacher. >> he told me one time he said i am having trouble keeping it under control. i might lose to. i said don't shoot my way. i didn't think he was serious. >> reporter: the couple paints a different picture -- >> we have been good friends.
5:40 pm
neighbors. come out and talk all the time. it is really sad. a sad, sad day. >> reporter: police responded to the home after 9:00 p.m. new year's day after a man called 911 saying he killed his family. when officers arrived they found his wife and their son dead. their daughter died later at a nearby hospital. the family's neighbors try to make sense of what happened, keeping an empty seat next to them where they talked. >> i will miss him. he is a good old guy. >> we are learning that she worked at a junior high school as a secretary to the principal. they said the school is shocked and devastated by the horrific event and called the victim loved by staff and students
5:41 pm
alike. prosecutors will seek the death penalty for a man charged in the shooting rampage at lax that killed a tsa officer. paul ciancia has pleaded not guilty. he is accused of opening fire in november of 2013. the first tsa employee to be killed in the line of duty since they were formed after september 11. a woman months away from her due date goes into labor on an airplane. >> my water broke. i could tell that is what happened. >> and that wasn't the only surprise in store for this mom. what happened at the hospital and how the baby is doing. >> supervisors gave themselves a pay raise and that led to a petition. why they say they still deserve it and what happens next. >> another cold one. the sun is down. temperatures are dropping. freezing in most neighborhoods. where the watches, advisories and warnings are.
5:42 pm
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for the first time ever the golden gate bridge will close for a weekend one week from tomorrow. the bridge is closing so they can install a new movable
5:45 pm
barrier. it begins at midnight, january 10, and ends 4:00 a.m. monday january 12. buses will run on their normal weekend schedule. the sidewalk will stay open. unexpected is how one woman is describing therflight o-- her flight out of sfo. she started to go into labor and the plane had to divert to salt lake city. >> reporter: city -- >> my water broke. >> reporter: their son was due in march so when she went into labor on the flight from san francisco international airport to minneapolis to say it was a shock was an understatement. >> no reason i would give birth on a plane. >> reporter: flight attendants and a doctor on board helped
5:46 pm
her breathe through her contractions and then wished to the hospital. -- rushed her to the hospital. the baby was breached. >> right away we went immediately to the or. >> he was born via emergency c- section. weighing just 4 pounds but he is doing well. they are not sure when they will be able to fly back to wisconsin and say with future pregnancies she will plan on staying home. >> i am going to not fly or leave my state to be on the safe side. just to be on the safe side. never know. >> this was the second time a passenger went into labor in a flight from sfo last month on december 9 a baby was born on a southwest airlines flight diverted to los angeles.
5:47 pm
what are the chances of something like that happening? >> when i was in that situation i wouldn't cross a bridge. three months out you are not thinking the baby could come but i remember towards the end i didn't want to drive to livermore to see my folks -- [ talking at the same time ] >> this was three months away. let's go to our weather and check in with our chief meteorologist bill martin. i remember you told me a story, you had a neighbor having a baby and you ran home to see her and you said it was like magic because today she was pregnant and -- [ talking at the same time ] >> it is magical. i know. i have been through two babies are you -- >> two with her -- >> me and my husband -- [ talking at the same time ] >> okay. the embarcadero is lit up. how long do you think they have been doing that? i remember when they started -- >> 35. >> you think?
5:48 pm
i don't know. i couldn't find it. the ice rink has been there for 25 years. the 17,000 lights. i remember when they did it. >> since i have been a kid -- >> i want to say mid-80s. either way, talking about cold over night lows tonight. temperatures will get down there freezing. above freezing around the bay. san francisco upper 30s in the cold spots. especially by the park. the cold snap continues. a frost advisory if the areas around the bay. those are places like fremont and redwood city and a freeze warning for the inland bay val s. third night in a row. an active pacific. it is. a lot going on out here but it is heading over the top and that will keep us dry and cool. forecast for tomorrow chilly. these are the right now temperatures. if you are going out tonight, 49 degrees right now.
5:49 pm
cold. 43 walnut creek. 47 fairfield. some places today barely got out of the upper 40s. livermore valley will be the colder spot, 29 degrees at the airport. lunchtime -- probably 10:00 a.m. you are 42. 2:00 p.m. 55 degrees. warmer in the afternoon tomorrow and warmer after that. tomorrow morning should be the last freeze warning but a frost advisory for sunday morning. the cold air. cold air settles in. the high pressure behind that as the low moves off and sets us up with a warming trend saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. monday and tuesday temperatures in the mid-60s. nice warm early part to next week. i would like to see rain. doing great for rain. all good. but nice to keep it coming. at least once a week. we are dry. the five-day forecast, we are dry. there is something next thursday. but going to be a big deal.
5:50 pm
those are the highs. mid-50s. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view morning freeze. tomorrow. sunday will be chilly as well. something about just the city -- the first thing i remember that -- it was bigger than just putting out a tree or something, just -- beautiful. people could enjoy this and they started doing it, it was such a turn. >> great how it outlines the buildings. thank you. people who suffer damage during the big storms last month will be able to get federal disaster loans. they are offering low interest loans to homeowners and businesses. starting monday -- starting monday representatives will be on hand to answer questions and
5:51 pm
help people fill out applications at 329 miller avenue in san francisco. you can find more information on jim harbaugh has a new twitter account. the account had 60,000 followers in its first day. his first tweet friendlier than we have seen. doors are open. look forward to getting -- [ indiscernible ] stop by and say hi. it had thousands of "likes" within the first hour. supervisors decided to give themselves a raise. now constituents are fighting back. >> when you ask the people that work for you to take salary cuts and benefit cuts then you as the leader should lead by example. >> we will break down the numbers to see how they compare to other counties and the options they will face now. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00
5:52 pm
p.m. >> coming up, the first newspaper for the pot industry, it is set to roll out this month, what makes it so unique and a mountain lion found deadoon free way -- dead on a freeway, what may have chased the cat on to the highway. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
5:53 pm
female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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crews in san francisco worked to repair a water main break. it broke about 11:00 a.m. this morning. the pipe was installed in 1922. that makes it 93 years old. it was a low pressure line. a popular lake tahoe cruise boat is grounded. this is the second issue it faced this week. the coast guard is investigating a new year's day incident that left 200 people stranded thursday morning. investigators are trying to determine if it ran aground or stalled by winds. the state is considering changes to a practice of with holding phone calls and visits from loved ones at san quentin state prison. the court is criticizing the practice of not allowing calls
5:56 pm
or visits from families. the court says that policy punishes inmates and they discourage sick people from getting help. debate in contra costa county after supervisors decided to give themselves a raise. ktvu's rob roth tells us union workers in the county are not happy at all. >> reporter: for months contra costa county public employee unions have been trying to stop them from collecting a 33% pay increase. >> we are barely coming out of the great recession and the most we got was 4%. they stepped to the front of line and gave themselves a 33% raise. >> reporter: union representatives delivered 39,000 signatures from voters today. that is more than the 25,000 needed to force them to reverse the pay raise or let voters
5:57 pm
decide. >> for them to not have the care or feelings about the workers and their well being. we are all struggling. >> this is one of the most unpleasant tasks we have had to face. >> reporter: last october the board of supervisors voted to raise their salaries from $97,000 a year to $129,000 a year. that would have made them the 4 4th highest pay in the 9 bay area counties. now the signatures may force the board to back pedal. >> we are not going to send it to the ballot. >> reporter: the board would be forced to vote to over turn its original decision. >> my position is to reshind order -- rescind the order. >> there is no concept of what this job entails and the
5:58 pm
disrespect, not in filing the petition, but in the comments made by county employees towards us on social media has been outrageous. >> reporter: they say the board should get the same 4% increase they received. not 33%. the supervisors will vote on rescinding the raise the week after next and come up with another increase they can live with. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. now at 6:00 p.m. allowed to drive for the first time in california. the new law allowinguds tuesday apply for -- allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for driver's licenses. >> the first newspaper for the bay area's growing marijuana industry rolls out this month. >> a large mountain lion found dead on a peninsula freeway. what experts say may have forced the cat from its habitat. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this
5:59 pm
is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> there were long lines and long wait times as hundreds of undocumented immigrants were able to apply for their first california driver's licenses today. good evening everyone. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> today was the first day undocumented immigrants could apply for a california driver's license under a new state law. ktvu's ann rubin is live now in san jose at one of the processing centers with more on the impact of the new measure. >> reporter: the dmv had a year to prepare for this. still the lines were long from the moment they opened till they closed. hours of practice paid off. he passed the written examine on his first try. >> i am proud. he was studying like crazy. he was going every day. >> reporter: today marks the first day undocumented immigrants could apply for driver's licenses in.
6:00 pm
hundreds of people -- in california. hundreds of people lined up in san jose. >> now it is the opportunity for me to drive. i am very happy for this. >> the dmv set up 4 processing centers and added 900 employees. they expect a million and a half people to apply. they have been doing outreach to prepare. >> some folks don't know what to expect. we are spending time in the communities to encourage folks to start studying, and gathering their documents. >> still the traffic meant long waits and not everyone supports the new measure. >> not fair. you should follow the laws of whatever every american has to do. >> i support it. i think that it will make the roads safer. they will have insurance and licensed drivers. >> reporter: the driver's licenses


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